So here's the short version

Back in 04 whilst manning the electric guitar player post

In a few bands, i became frustrated with my sound. i had some issues with my pedals. i decided to explore and learn how to mod and change them, that lead to a crazy obsession that included many sleepless nights searching for the knowledge online and reading electronics books

at the end of which i learned how to do so much more then i set out to, i started making a nice living selling and fixing guitar and bass pedals, the business grew and became a company that was active on a full scale until about 2013, thats when i had my first kid and things kinda took a back seat to being a dad, in 2016 i got me a job in a tech company and became a slave to a pay check and in 2017 my twins were born, and things progressed in pretty stable manor until covid 19 came and knocked me on my ass, the free time it allowed had me making music and building pedals again in no time, and here we are.