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It all started in 2004. while manning the electric guitar

post in several bands, Danny became increasingly frustrated with his very impressive collection of pedals.

He decided to take matters into his own hands and learn how to modify them.

what started as simple online research soon became an obsession, 

and soon enough he was building pedals and making some money

in the process.

Danny has recently joined forces with multi talented guitar player

Shian Hirsch, and together they started a company called 

Shianz Gear through which they mixed they're 

talents together to bring to you, some amazing new pedals and some quality guitar gear at fair prices.



First came out in 2010, the FlashDrive is a very versatile and highly dynamic overdrive.      
It features controls for volume, drive, treble and 

bass, the FD can take you from clean through dirty grit
and up to thick creamy overdrive.
Check out the sound clips.



The LGO is a smaller and watered down version of it's big
brother the FlashDrive, it's designed for Low Gain Overdrive.
it can go from a clean, mid colored boost, to a mild 
overdrive, or push an amp into a gritty crank.
Check out the sound clips.

lgo pnggg.png


The WildBoar is muff style fuzz that's fuzzier, less compressed and mid boosted. it has wide useable gain range and works very well in addition with other drives. it features controls for Volume, Filter and fuzz.
Check out the sound clips.

logo wix SG.png


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